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About Money Moanie Moe

Money Moanie Moe, is an American Hip Hop artist and poet, born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. Money Moanie Moe is not your average or typical femcee. Moanie started out doing poetry and open mics. “At an open mic after performing this year, I was told by radio host T-Roy, to perform in local strip clubs and night clubs because my music would definitely sell and be marketable there” says Moanie. Her music has been described as raunchy, and her single, “Pop That” is a strip club anthem in Jacksonville.


Watching her high energy performances in strip clubs and night clubs all over the country, you would probably never guess that she used to be in a wheelchair for over two years. Money Moanie Moe received a full paid scholarship to the University of North Florida sponsored by the Jacksonville Jaguars. In her freshman year, Moanie found out she had a condition that caused her body to retain water which weakened her muscles. Moanie reflects back on that moment, “I was unable to support my weight. So I went from heels to wheels instantly."  Moanie refused to give up on walking again, and through years of determination and hard work Moanie was back to being the True Stilleto Rider that she is.


“When I work with fellow artists I expect them to deliver quality work on time. I get frustrated when I work with producers or engineers that don’t provide quality service and have not mastered their craft.” says Moanie.  Moanie is an artist that will not settle for less from herself, or others. Moanie has her mind set on reaching her goals and she is determined to see her vision all the way through.


 “I want to be known commercially, as well as throughout the underground scene with my music, and tell my story while setting an example or goal for someone else to follow.” says Moanie. With her current single, “Pop That, Money Moanie Moe is creating a name and a lane for herself.  To contact Money Moanie Moe click here. You can follow Money Moanie Moe's updates through her website  You can connect with her on Instagram and Twitter @MoneyMoanieMoe and Money Moanie Moe on ReverbNation and Soundcloud.

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